• Cement Industry
  • Petro Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Plant


ADESSPL providing the Following Services:

Fabrication and Erection Of:

  • SS, CS ,MS & Alloy piping

  • Erection of Vessels, Tanks, columns, stacks, silos.

  • Conveyors, hoppers and weighing systems.

  • Steel structures, platforms and staging.

Installation and Commissioning Of:

  • Plant static equipment viz heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels, furnaces.

  • Plant rotating and reciprocating machinery such as turbines, pumps, motors, compressors, fans and blowers.

  • Thermal and hydel power plants, boiler houses, cooling towers, packaged units, skid mounted machinery.

  • Special purpose machinery.

  • Surface preparation, painting and insulation of pipes and vessels.

  • Testing, commissioning and assistance in start up of process plants.

  • Plant electrical and control equipment and systems.

  • Turnkey installation and commissioning of process plants.

  • Operation and maintenance services for process and power generation plants.

Overhauling of Diesel Engine & Parts:

ADESSPL team provide complete overhauling of diesel Engine & Maintenance Services to the Energy Sector, oil & gas, Cement Industries, chemical & Domestic Industries Sector of Pakistan.

ADESSPL management team has been involved in evolving and implementing various project management and control systems enabling sharp focus on cost and schedule control. ADESSPL management fully understands that meeting the demands of fast changing business environment requires focus on priorities, better management techniques and effective structures for communication.

The processes and work practices of ADESSPL provide the necessary structure, focus, flexibility and control to manage projects with outstanding results that is;

  • On time within budget

  • As per specified quality

  • HSE standards

ADESSPL projects are executed by keeping in view following points;

  • All parties in project have something to gain from its success and therefore, should share the rewards.All parties in project have something to gain from its success and therefore, should share the rewards.

  • There are many sources of expertise within the Company and around in the market which can be exploited.

  • Resources are never been a constraint for project leaders; much equipment, materials, tools, plants and consumables can be purchased on national and international standards for which one has to find the best time to order and best cost to purchase.

  • Projects are diverse and complex; compliance to ADESSPL best practices will increase chances of success reducing response time towards issues arising during the project life cycle.

ADESSPL Plant Construction

Management team has successfully executed construction projects for almost all types of industrial facilities. ADESSPL offers construction services encompassing construction, mechanical erection, electrical & instrumentation works as well as pre commissioning and commissioning services. In order to ensure firm control on progress, efficiency, productivity, cost and material consumption ADESSPL utilizes integrated construction management system which enables its project teams to have a strong focus on efficient utilization of manpower and equipment and to deliver the projects in time within budget and specified quality and safety parameters.

Plant Maintenance and Turnaround

ADESSPL management team possesses vast experience to plan, manage , execute large number of turnaround and maintenance contracts for power, (LNG) liquefied Natural Gas, refining and chemical facilities.

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