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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy Statement

ADESSPL is committed to serve its customers by understanding their requirements and endeavoring to meet the same safely, professionally, reliably, timely, economically and consistently. ADESSPL has a primary and continuing commitment to conduct its activities in a manner to ensure, the safety and health of its employees, its customers and others affected by its activities and the protection of the environment from deliberate harm, damage or loss. We will achieve this by developing a competent team, HSE Management System, proper planning, optimal use of resources and by continually improving the system and making it effective. We will achieve this by developing a competent team, HSE Management System, proper planning, optimal use of resources & by continually improving the system and making it effective.

The philosophy of the HSE Management System is that policy is stated, standards determine the level of performance required to realize the policy requirements, and local procedures/work instructions and training of staff are put in place to enable compliance with standards. The standards are mandatory and generic, whereas the procedures are optional and specific to the operations

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy at ADESSPL

Understanding the value of human life and sustainable development for safe & healthy growth of a community, ADESSPL's HSE program ensures these goals by practicing zero tolerances for errors in the implementation & use of best Available Safe Industrial Techniques. These are supplemented with incentives, training, process control, and deployment of most effective & quality Improvement tools.

ADESSPL strategy goes around Plan, Do, Check & Act (PDCA Cycle) and is reflected in all our systems with the following key elements:

  • Provision of HSE Policy, HSE Management System, Manual & Supporting Documents.

  • Provision of a framework for the setting of HSE Goals and Performance Objectives.

  • Effective Monitoring, evaluating and continually improving the HSE performance through operational procedures, standards, necessary trainings, assessments, inspections and audits.

  • Making customers, contractors/sub-contractors and business partners, familiar with our HSE system and creating awareness on how their actions can influence the company‚Äôs HSE Perf ormance.

  • Making HSE a part of all our product development processes.

  • Maintaining good working practices by eliminating injury/accidents and work related ill-health. All employees are encouraged to discuss health and safety matters and enhancement with their managers.

  • All hazards relevant to our activities are identified, assessed and controlled by HIRAC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control) to ensure the health safety, environment , welfare of employees and others who may be affected by our work

  • We optimize our use of resource to prevent pollution and minimize waste and minimize our environmental impacts for the benefit of all people, employees and the business performance

  • Communicate the HSE policy to all its employees, interested parties and stake holders.

  • Making ourselves, aware of the global industrial programs and collecting feedback from our customers, stakeholders for taking improvement initiatives.

Project Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Plan Statement

Project/Site HSE Plan is effectively an HSE Management System for the individual project or site. It provides a methodical and auditable reference document of all information relevant to the HSE aspects of a Project and aims to ensure the Project/Site Manager that:

  • An effective HSE Management System is in place.

  • All hazards have been identified and assessed.

  • Appropriate controls and recovery procedures are in place to ensure that exposures to those hazards have been reduced to ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Practicable).

  • Deficiencies have been identified and an action plan developed to address them.

  • HSE Management System is operating effectively to provide safe operation at Site.

HSE Plan Holder

Site Manager is the HSE Plan Holder & responsible to the HSE Plan Owner for the management of the Plan.

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Initiating appropriate programs to ensure the awareness and proper use of HSE plan by the site organization.

  • Reviewing the HSE Plan to ensure that it is technically correct with accurate representation of controls in place to manage the HSE hazards effectively.

  • Managing revisions and reviews of the HSE Plan.

  • Act as custodian of the site HSE plan and be responsible for its contents.

  • Ensure that revisions and updates are prepared when necessary and that the distribution of the HSE plan and revisions/updates are adequately controlled.