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Solar systems can be the perfect solution for many remote electric applications for agricultural use. Solar gate openers are capable of meeting any need & Solar Energy is far less costly than extending existing electric supply to the area.

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Solar Tube Well

Remote wells and springs can also benefit from solar. Rather than running electric lines, the utilization of small scale solar energy systems can allow water production for livestock or even home usage. Solar Energy can be used for irrigation purposes also with no use of electricity at all.

Blog Diagram of Solar Submersible Pump

Solar Tube Light

Remote Solar Lighting

Solar Energy can also be used in remote lighting applications and a typical use would be to provide lighting in barns or other remote buildings consuming small amount of energy running with an unjustified cost of dedicated electric lines.

Industrial Sector

The use of parabolic mirrors that concentrate the solar energy onto solar thermal receivers containing a heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid is circulated and heated through the receivers, and the heat is released to a series of heat exchangers to generate super-heated steam. The steam powers a turbine/generator to produce electricity delivered to a utility’s electric grid.

Education Sector

Solar systems can be used in both large and small educational organizations to reduce long term energy cost by replacing the existing direct power line for large laboratories,

Real Estate

With very limited sources of energy in the country all the housing societies and development authorities find it very hard to maintain the energy distribution for their subscribers with the available resources proving as a substandard entity. Solar system helps you to provide cheap long term energy alternatives for their subscribers with least maintenance required. Another important benefit of the solar systems is the quick, easy and hustle free deployment. Since solar systems are not interdependent helps to reduce the energy disconnection which proves as an efficient solution.

Domestic Sector

Home users can also enjoy the low cost electricity for their domestic needs simply by installing a solar system, while spending millions of rupees on constructing a new house why not spend a lacs on getting free electricity for lifetime. People having already constructed their homes can also switch to low cost energy solution by converting their electric supply partially or fully from power supply to solar energy system.